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We adheres to the law of the people’s republic of China, and follow international trade rules, we recognition the written data from us and the effectually document from china government. By using our website, you agree to fully comply with and be bound by our terms.

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Business clause

We will serious-minded execute contract of both ( buyer and seller ) all signed agreement, any without signed agreement must subject to the seller.

Owing to the international time difference and natural disaster affair bring about any delay delivery is allowable. owing to the buyer error or the buyer malice delay bring about both contract ceasing or goods damnous, seller no any amends or reparation. owing to the natural disaster ( earthshock, flood, cyclone, conflagration, tsunami, tempest etc ), sea robber, government law, war and both nation anarchy etc, bring about both contract ceasing or goods damnous, seller no any amends or reparation.

Owing to the regional temperature difference and industrial difference ratio, the product color, size, weight and raw material ratio parameter have small deviation is acceptable.

Before purchase any product, the buyer must confirm and approbate the product capability, character and quality ( have teeny color difference for the product color is allowable ), so except the goods be different from sample, seller no any reparation. after buyer receive goods, must feedback to seller for product quality within 7 days, owing to the buyer delay bring goods damnous, seller no any amends or reparation.

Intellectual property protection policy

We respects the intellectual property rights, and we expect our users to do the same.

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